Henry Cavill: Age, Height, Weight, Relationships, Family, Wiki

“Henry Cavill” is a well-known name of the film industry. He is a British actor. His full name is “Henry William Dalgliesh” and is also famous with the name of the main character in the DC universe “Superman” after Man of Steel (2013).

And as he has started his work with Netflix in Witcher. Maybe in the future, he will be famous for “Witcher”.

Despite Superman and Witcher, Cavill has also done other notable works in the film industry as The Tudors (2007-2010), Immortals (2011), and The Count of Monte Cristo (2002). We will discuss his work in the film industry in more detail later.

Height, Weight and Age:

Cavill is 37 years old and weighs 193 lbs. With a height of 6.1”. Before Man of Steel Henry’s weight was 175 lbs., but after hard work of 9 months, he gained his 18 lbs.


Henry Cavills Family picture

Henry’s mother is Marianne Dalgliesh. She was once a housewife and then secretary in a bank. His father is Colin Cavill and has served in the navy and then worked as a stockbroker. He is one of the five brothers with no sister.

He is the second youngest brother among all. His number is 4th in brothers. His eldest brother piers is a former army officer, second eldest nick is a major in the Royal Marines, Simon works in financial services and his youngest brother Charlie is in marketing.

Henry stated about his mother that my mother is really a strong woman. She raised her five boys very well and made us all strong, loving, and caring.

Early Life

Henry Cavills Early Life

Henry Cavill was born on May 5, 1983, in Jersey in the Channel Islands. He got his early education at St Michael’s preparatory school in Saint Saviour, Jersey.

Then, he attended Stowe School in Stowe, Buckinghamshire. He started loving acting at an early age. His interest in acting was built after playing roles at school. With school play renditions of Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” he fell in love with acting.

During his role play in school, his potential in acting was noted and he was offered to play the role of Albert Mondego in “The Count of Monte Cristo” (2002).

Bio Data

NameHenry William Dalgliesh
Age37 years
Height1.85 m
Weight193 lbs
Date of BirthMay 5, 1983
Birth PlaceSaint Helier, Jersey
LanguagesEnglish, French
SiblingsNiki Richard Dalgliesh Cavill, Charlie Cavill, Simon Cavill, Piers Cavill
ParentsMarianne Cavill, Colin Cavill
Eye ColorBlue

Gaming PC and Specs

As mentioned earlier that Henry Cavilll is a gamer and loves gaming. Recently he uploaded a video on his Instagram in which he was building his PC game and completed a promise that he made with his fans a year ago to build his own PC game.

In an interview he said that he loves playing video games all day and nearly missed the opportunity to play the role of Superman as he was too busy playing games (wow).

Below are the details of Henry’s PC’s specs (What is inside Henry’s PC?):

ASUS ROG Strix GeForce RTX 2080Ti 11GB Click here to View
AMD RYZEN 9 3900X 12-CORE 3.8 GHz Click here to View
G.SKILL Trident Z Neo (For AMD Ryzen) Series 32 GB DDR4 3200 Click here to View
NZXT KRAKEN Z SERIES Z73 Liquid Cooler Click here to View
Asus ROG Crosshair VIII AMD X570 DDR4 ATX Motherboard Click here to View
Seasonic Prime TX- 1000 1000w Modular PSU Click here to View
SAMSUNG 970 1TB N2 NMVE SSD Click here to View
FRACTICAL DESIGN Meshify S2 Black ATX Click here to View
Razer BlackWidow Elite (Keyboard) Click here to View
Asus Rog Strix XG279Q (LCD) Click here to View
Steelseries Rival 650 Quantum (Wireless Gaming Mouse) Click here to View

Girlfriend/Marriage Relationships

Henry Cavill is a straight man. His dating and social life is kind of Mystery but it is obvious that he is not married yet. He has been dating the girls younger than him.

On which sometimes fans criticize as well. In 2016 Henry was dating Tara King who is 13 years younger than him.

Henry’s relationship was massively criticized by his fans because of the huge difference between their ages.

He hides his social life but since 2017 he has been seen dating with a stunt woman Lucy Cork. We will discuss them later in a separate heading.

Simon Cavill

Simon Cavill and Henry Cavill

Simon Cavill is Henry’s elder brother. Simon’s number is 3rd while Henry is 4th in brothers. Simon Cavill works in financial services.

Kaley Cuoco

Henry Cavill and Kaley Cuoco

Henry and the Big Bang Theory actress Kaley Cuoco were dating in July 2013. They were seen dating in Los Angelo.

The unique thing about their relationship is that they started dating on 1st July 2013 and after 12 days on July 12, 2013, they did break up.

Nobody knows what happened between them. But they are still friends. Kaley later mentioned that there was no paparazzi and there was no one following her since before she met Superman Henry Cavill.

Gina Carano

Henry Cavill and Gina Carano

As mentioned before, Henry’s social life is kind of a mystery. But sometimes paparazzi just don’t leave.

Henry was dating Gina at the beginning of 2013 and they split up in the summer of 2013. Then Henry started dating Kaley Cuoco as already mentioned but as soon as this started it ended as well.

Then again in October 2013 Henry and MMA fighter, Gina was together. Henry had a strong relationship with Gina. After a year of relationship in December 2014, they broke up. Fans were shocked as they split up because of their long relationship.

Charlie Cavill

Charlie Cavill and Henry

Charlie is the only youngest brother of Henry. He works in marketing. Charlie is married and is the father of 2 boys. He stays active on his Instagram account. Charlie now lives in Canada and he has mentioned that he loves world traveling.

Lucy Cork

Henry Cavill and Lucy Cork

As mentioned before, Henry and Lucy have been dating since 2017 and there was no huge difference between their ages. Just like Henry, Lucy is also a stuntwoman.

They have been seen happy together, they also have worked together. Although in 2018 they did break up.

Since then they have not mentioned anything about their relationship yet, so nobody knows exactly whether Henry is single or not. Except him.

Marisa Gonzalo

Henry Cavill and Marisa Gonzalo

After his break up Gina in 2014 Henry started dating his 21 years old girlfriend Marisa Gonzalo.

Their one photo was leaked in which both were doing their breakfast on vacations. However, as mysteriously this relationship started with the same mystery it ended.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise Henry Cavill

In 2018 Henry and Tom worked together in Mission Impossible: Fallout. After release Henry complained sadly that Tom did not allow him to do the stunt “Halo Jump”.

Henry did all stunts himself, except Halo Jump. Later Tom cleared that stunt needed high training and without training, it was a really dangerous training.

Tom mentioned that Henry is really a good actor and has a charismatic personality. Working with him was great, especially that bathroom fighting.

Amy Adams

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams

Henry and Amy started working together in Man of Steel. She is the leading lady in Superman movies. She played the role of Lois Lane (girlfriend of Superman).

In an interview, she mentioned that she kind of likes Henry, not only she but she mentioned that her whole family likes him. He is just good to look at.

Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck Henry Cavill

If you are Henry’s fan you definitely know about Superman V Batman: Dawn of Justice. Ben and Cavill have been working together since 2016 in Superman v Barman and then in 2017 they again worked in Justice League. The news is that Ben is leaving DC, as DC is finding a new “young” Batman.

Matt Bomer

Matt Bomer Henry cavill

Do you know anyone that looks like you? Well, Henry got a person that sometimes people get confused. He is also a celebrity, he is an actor and singer. He is Matt Bomer. At first, people really got confused that whether Henry is Superman or Matt. Because they both look alike.

However, Matt is 6 years older than Henry, and fans are getting used to it. So they don’t take it now with many surprises.

Chris Evans

In the Oscar awards of 2016, Henry was eating cookies. Maybe he was hungry when Chris Evans noticed him and laughed on him.

In return, Henry gave him a little smile and again got busy eating his cookies. You can clearly see it in the photo.

Henry Cavill and Chris Evans

Freya Allen

freya allan henry cavill

Henry and Freya have been working together since 2019 in a Netflix series “The Witcher”. Henry is playing the role of the Witcher “Geralt of Rivia”, where Freya is playing the role of princess Cirilla.

The first season ended when Geralt and Cirillia finally met. Geralt has to save the princess from her enemies. Fans are waiting for the second season of The Witcher. Netflix has announced that will be released in 2021.

Tara King

henry cavill Tara King

As it is mentioned before that Tara was Henry’s girlfriend. Their relationship started in 2015. And due to the huge difference between their ages they were criticized by fans.

When Henry and Tara met, Tara was 19 years old. Their relationship was strong with good romance but then suddenly in 2016, they broke up.

It was Henry who ended this relationship, perhaps because of his fans but no one exactly knows what happened between them.

Henry explained that they have just broken up but they are still friends and Henry invited Tara to his birthday which Tara happily attended.

Colin Cavill

henry cavill Colin Cavill

Colin Cavill is Henry’s father. Henry has strong relationships with his parents and he loves them. It can be seen that Henry invited his parents on the set of Man of Steel.

Royal Marines

Henry has a strong connection with Royal Marines because of his elder brother Lieutenant Colonel Nick Cavill. He raised the funds for Royal Marines Charity.

Recently he participated in a training activity with Royal Marines, in which he got muddy when he crossed the muddy water.

Royal Marines Henry Cavill

Net Worth

As famous as a celebrity is, she is as rich as she can be. We all know how famous Henry is and he has worked in several projects including films and TV shows. It has been revealed that Henry Cavill’s net worth is $25 million US dollars.

Where does Henry Cavill live?

Henry lives in South Kensington, London with his dog kal. It appears that Henry loves London as he has a house there.

However, despite all his money and fame Henry lives in a small house in London with his American Akita dog “Kal”. Perhaps he just loves this lifestyle.

In 2018 Henry was seen at Fort Lauderdale celebrating his birthday. He took selfies with his fans. That shows how much Henry loves his fans.

Henry Cavill PlayingTotal War: WARHAMMER II

During these Pandemic hard times where we all are stuck in our houses. It is obvious that we all found something that will keep us going during this quarantine.

Some people devoted their time to Netflix. Some people just love reading and different people found different things to do.

As you know and if you don’t know then you should know that Henry Cavill is a gamer and loves gaming.

So, he spent his time playing Total War: WARHAMMER II in this quarantine. He shared his art as well which he was painting after playing this game. Henry has played this game six times as six different races.

Gym Workout

henry cavill Gym Workout

Henry’s body was getting famous after his work in “Immortals 2011’. However, it was not enough as Man of Steel (Superman) needs something great.

Before Man of Steel always focused on his body shape and he was famous for it but he needed something more, something that will make him a real Superman.

So started working out on his body. He worked on his body with the world-class climber Mark Twight. Most of the work went in Twight’s gym “Gym Jones” where you can’t see comfort because it is the way Mark works with his clients and after all Henry was going to be Superman and he needed it all.

Henry Diet Plan

As bulkier his body is as bulkier his diet is. Recently he claimed that he eats up to 5000 calories per day! To maintain his shape.

Henry Cavill’s Interview to Men’s Health

In his recent interview with Men’s Health, Henry mentioned that he burned his fat for The Witcher, he said that “I was working day and night to convert myself into a supernatural Witcher.” He said that “nothing is impossible if you are passionate about your goal.”

Glasses He Wore in Superman

Henry Cavill Glasses

Everything is unique and dashing about Henry Cavill. Fans were curious about his Hugo Boss ironic glasses that he wore in the Superman vs Batman movie.

Well, those ironic glasses are just part of his character in that movie which he needed to look like common people, after all, he was superman, and like Batman, he needed to hide it.

Movies and TV Shows

Henry Cavill has worked in many Movies and TV shows that won the hearts of millions of fans. Some of his notable works are defined below:

“The Witcher” (2019)

The Witcher is a Netflix series and is the most recent project of Henry Cavill. As much as Henry loves “The Witcher Games” he loves his character in The Witcher too.

The first season of The Witcher was released in 2019 and Netflix has announced that its second season will be released in 2021. Henry has played the main role of ‘Geralt of Rivia’ in the witcher.

The Witcher is written in the Fantasy book series “The Witcher ”. The writer of The Witcher book series Andrzej Sapkowski has mentioned recently, that Henry is exactly the same Witcher that he has in his thoughts and imagination about a book character.

The Witcher is one of the great series of this time and he has attracted more fans after working in The Witcher. Nobody knows whether in the future Henry will be famous by Superman or The Witcher.

There is no exact and authentic news about the budget of The Witcher by Netflix. But rumors are that The Witcher has cost around $80 – 90 million. Which makes it a huge project.

“Hellraiser: HellWorld (2005)

15 years ago Henry played the role of a Sex Addict in Hellraiser: HellWorld. He played the role of Mike. Hellraiser is a horror movie and is the eighth sequel of the series.

Henry’s role Mike dies horribly and then returns back as Pinhead as he converts him into cenobite. However, it is not a big work done by Henry but it helped him to reach out for the role of Superman.

“Superman” (2013)

And this is what most of his fans know him for. In an interview Henry mentioned that he nearly missed the chance for being DC’s Superman.

He said that he was busy playing the video game World of Warcraft when he received the call from the director (thank god he attended the call).

Since 2013 from Man of Steel Henry is playing Superman and will play in the future, we will discuss about it later. DC’s Man of Steel’s budget was 225 million USD which was really a huge project.

After Man of Steel, Henry played Superman in Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice which is also a masterpiece, and its budget was 250-300 million USD.

Henry’s most recent work as being Superman is Justice League (2017), in which he returns after his death. The budget of the Justice League was 300 million USD.

Count of Monte Cristo (2002)

As mentioned earlier it was the point from where Henry’s acting career started. He was seen by the director during his play in school and was offered to play as Albert Mondego. Count of Monte Cristo’s budget was 35 million usd.

Sand Castle (2017)

In Sand Castle fans saw Henry in a different look with thick beard and light hair. Henry played the role of Captain Syverson. This movie is about the Iraq War.

Mission Impossible 6 (2018)

Mission Impossible 6 is one of the great works that Henry has done so far. As always Mission Impossible movies are famous for its Actions and stunts.

Henry, who loves stunts, has done all stunts of this movie by himself except Halo jump, which Tom Cruise did not allow him to do because of lack of training.

Tom Cruise has said that Henry is such a good actor and has a charismatic personality. Working with him was really great, especially the Bathroom Fight.

Henry has played the supporting role of August Walker. The budget of the movie was 178 million USD and it earned up to 791.1 million USD.

Red Riding Hood (2006)

With a budget of 4 million usd, it was one of the henry’s first movies. Henry was 20 years old during the shooting of Red Riding Hood. Henry played the role of “The Hunter”.

U.N.C.L.E (2015)

Henry Cavill played the main role of “Napoleon Solo”. The film’s budget was 75 million usd. However, the film got underrated. But still one of Henry’s good works.

Tristan and Isolde (2006)

Henry played the supporting role of Melot with James Franco. It is a love story of old England. Where a warrior Tristan fell in love with the daughter of an Irish lord. However, the movie did not succeed.

Henry Cavill’s Hair Loss

We don’t exactly know whether Henry is losing his hair or not. But by his hairline it can be seen that it is getting weak.

However, he will never let that happen, as many celebrities were losing their hair but then they did the treatment of their hair and they are okay now. If Henry is really losing his hair he will do the same.

Is Henry Cavill a G**?

Henry’s busy fans, who don’t use the internet frequently think that Henry is g9y, well it is not true. Henry is a straight man and it can be easily seen by the dating history of Henry that we have mentioned earlier. Some people think that he is gay because he keeps his dating life secret and doesn’t share much on the internet.

Is Henry Cavill still a Superman?

Fans are excited concerning Henry’s superman role. However, rumors were that Henry has given up the role of Superman, which Henry denied in his recent interview.

He mentioned that he is negotiating with Warner Bros, and he loves to play Superman again. However it is not clear that Henry will play it again or not, but it is not final either that Henry has given up on his role.

If you want to ask about my personal opinion, I will say that chances are he will play again his role as Superman.